Nasa Three Days of Darkness Uncovered!

NASA has supposedly predicted three Days of Darkness- Where Earth will become dark for three days (A blackout). However, this is just a hoax.

On Facebook and other social networking sites, people have been posting the exact same thing plenty of times:
“NASA predicts total blackout on 23-25 Dec 2012 during alignment of Universe.
US scientists predict Universe change, total blackout of planet for 3 days from Dec 23 2012.
It is not the end of the world, it is an alignment of the Universe, where the Sun and the earth will align for the first time. The earth will shift from the current third dimension to zero dimension, then shift to the forth dimension. During this transition, the entire Universe will face a big change, and we will see a entire brand new world.
The 3 days blackout is predicted to happen on Dec 23, 24, 25….during this time, staying calm is most important, hug each other, pray pray pray, sleep for 3 nights…and those who survive will face a brand new world….for those not prepared, many will die because of fear. Be happy, enjoy every moment now. Don’t worry, pray to God everyday. There is a lot of talk about what will happen in 2012, but many people don’t believe it, and don’t want to talk about it for fear of creating fear and panic.
We don’t know what will happen, but it is worth listening to USA’s NASA talk about preparation. Whether it’s true or not, better be prepared. No panic, stay calm, just prays. Remember to smile more, love more and forgive more…every day. Better avoid traveling during December.”
This is just another one of those Facebook hoaxes, like the time Jackie Chan’s death was broadcast on Facebook. Users soon found out that Jackie Chan is not dead. This is a case of people not re-checking their facts before going into “omg, must tell my friends” mode. This causes a wildfire of rumors swirling around social networking sites. Now into the 3 Days of Darkness:
According to the text, NASA scientists predict that there will be 3 Days of Darkness from December 23 – 25. It predicts a whole new world, like a rebirthing of our planet (Transitioning of dimensions). It advises users to keep calm and pray. To make it seem more convincing, they put a link that shows a NASA official advising the public about the 3 Days. 
However, this is a complete joke- NASA’s website does not have any warning about the 3 Days of Darkness. No credible websites have also warned users about it. The video was also released one year ago and the content is extremely general- it shows how to prepare for ANY emergency, not this specific one. The 3 Days of Darkness also seems to be a reuse of a name that was used during Comet Elenin, where people expressed fear of a three day eclipse. Quoted from NASA’s official website:
I’ve heard about three days of darkness because of Comet Elenin. Will Elenin block out the sun for three days?
“As seen from the Earth, comet Elenin will not cross the sun’s face,” says Yeomans.
But even if it could cross the sun, which it can’t, astrobiologist David Morrison notes that comet Elenin is about 2-3 miles (3-5 km) wide, while the sun is roughly 865,000 miles (1,392,082 km) across. 
The original warning message also seems strange, ending in a “Better avoid travelling in December” message. It also seems to just tell users to pray – which is strange in a warning message that wants to inform people. Warning messages usually come with better solutions (eg. Don’t take an elevator incase of an emergency)
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