Kunwer Azlan (Interview)

ISLOTIMES: Tell our Readers who is Kunwer Azlan?
kunwer Azlan: Kunwer Azlan is a hip-hop artist and a poet born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. You can’t call him a new artist, Its been a year I’m making hip-hop for my country.
kunwer Azlan: Born on 29thOctober 1998
kunwer Azlan: Actually to be honest, I dont believe in stars and all, Although I’m a Scorpion.
ISLOTIMES: Study background?
kunwer Azlan: I’ve done my primary education from St.Paul’s English High School, currently doing my olevels privately.
ISLOTIMES: what are your Songs about?
kunwer Azlan: My songs are about what is happening around us, the current stiutation of teenagers and also based on real stories.
ISLOTIMES: Who inspired you to become a rapper?
kunwer Azlan: Well, I used to read poetry from a very early age, and I thought there must be a way to express this poetry, and I found it in one and only “Bohemia”
ISLOTIMES: You Released your first song “Muffte”. What was the overall response of that song?
kunwer Azlan: At the time I released audio of Muffte, the response was fine but I was not satisfied from it. I was adviced by some seniors to make a video of Muffte. And when I made it, the response was really good and beyond my expectations.
ISLOTIMES: You also wrote Poetry, would you like to share some of your Poetic Work?
kunwer Azlan: Haha sure! I’m an urdu rapper so yeah in urdu.
“Pal pal tera saath nibhaata main, Aik ishare pe duniya chhor jata main, Beech samandar ke le ja ke Faraib kiya tumne, Tum kehtay tou kinare peh hi doob jata main.”
ISLOTIMES: what are you views about Pakistani Music Industry?
kunwer Azlan: Pakistanti music industry is growing rapidly, there is talent in pakistani all we need is a proper platform for it. Overall its just fine.
ISLOTIMES: Which Pakistani Female Singer/Vocalist you want to collaborate with?
kunwer Azlan: Qurtulain Baloch. So amazing her voice is!
ISLOTIMES: What are your Future Projects?
kunwer Azlan: I’m currently working on two projects, can’t disclose them right now. Will be disclosed real soon.
ISLOTIMES: Let’s Conclude with some favourites:
FOOD: Haha! I’m not much into food, although Pizza is my favourite.
TIME: Every second I spend with my parents is my favourite time.
ACTOR: Paresh Rawal, my all time favourite.
ACTRESS: Haha! Emma Watson.
QUOTE: “When hate dont works, they start telling lies”
PLACE: None.
BOOK: All religious books are my favourite.
SONG: 25 to life – Eminem
ISLOTIMES: Any Message for your fans?
kunwer Azlan: I just wanna say Thankyou very much for supporting me, I try my best to reply all of you, I’m here because of you’ll, Thankyou once again, much respect.

ISLOTIMES: Where can our Readers catch you?
Active on Facebook, twitter instagram.
ISLOTIMES: What are your views about Islotimes?
kunwer Azlan: Such a great thing you are doing by supporting Young Artists! God bless you all. Keep it up, much love and respect to you guys. Thank you!

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